Hi, I'm Lester! ✌️

As a Product Designer, I'm passionate about creating user experiences that are engaging and meaningful.

My experiences as a Front-End Developer 💻, Project Analyst in the public sector 📋, and teaching in Japan🗼 has taught me to work well with all kinds of people, and feel comfortable in unfamiliar situations.

After living in Japan for 5+ years, I fell in love with the Japanese concept of omotenashi, or putting the guest first. This concept inspired me to become a designer once I returned to Canada. I fell in love with being a designer and I truly believe that great design can make a positive impact on people.

Let's Connect!
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Skills and Certifications

User Research
Usability Testing
HTML, CSS, Javascript
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Me away from the computer

  • 🖥️ I co-founded a design group called Design Something
  • 🕺 I like to stay active by hiking, dancing, and going to the gym
  • ⛩️ I study Japanese (lived there for 7 years total) and Korean
  • 👨🏫 I tutor English to students in Japan and Korea and logged in more than 15,000 minutes!
  • 🍿 I am a big fan of movies and look forward to MCU movies